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Sewer leaks, backups, and breaks are not only extremely inconvenient but potentially hazardous to your health, due to the spread of bacteria. If you notice the drains in your house are backing up, call our expert Orange sewer repair experts to address the issue as soon as possible at (714) 744-8045.


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When used correctly, sewage lines typically last for a significantly long time. However, no plumbing system lasts forever, and older sewer lines are prone to damage.


Common causes of sewer line damages include:

  • Corrosion
  • Tree roots
  • Foreign objects wedged in the pipes
  • Grease

When you notify Superior Plumbing Services of a backed up or broken sewer line, we will discuss with you the specifics of your situation, using state of the art diagnostic technology to precisely locate the blocked drain, or cracked pipe. We will utilize effective repair strategies and be sure to inform you of our process each step of the way, allowing you to make the final decisions without secret costs.

As Orange plumbing technicians, we have experience using a variety of methods, such as hydro-jetting, to rid your sewage line of roots, grease, and foreign objects. We also have several affordable, time-efficient options for replacing or repairing corroding pipes. Our goal is to provide expert, communicative service to protect you from health hazards and repair your plumbing to a comfortably functioning system as quickly as possible.


Sewer System Installations

Sewer installations can be a massive, time-consuming project, especially without adequate understanding of the process. It is vital to contact a professional who is trained in analyzing blueprint schematics, evaluating the best pipe and construction materials, and utilizing appropriate construction tools effectively.

Having completed hundreds of thousands of jobs in Orange County, our plumbers are licensed, certified, and hand-picked for their adept understanding and application of pipe repairs and installations. We will personally work with you, and communicate specifically with you throughout the process to ensure it is done correctly the first time in an affordable and timely manner.

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