The Low Water Pressure Solution for Your Faucet

 A common Plumbing problem we address is low water volume at a faucet (sometimes perceived as low pressure). If volume is consistently low with either or both the hot or cold valves open, the cause is usually the aerator.
If debris has traveled through the water system to your faucet, it will be trapped in the screens of the aerator and slow the flow of water coming out the spout. The aerator is the screwed on fitting on the end of the spout. To check if this is your low volume problem. unscrew the aerator using a small towel (standing over the faucet looking down, turn clockwise). If too tight to turn, you might try a pair of pliers but you may damage the finish if it slips. Before removal, stop up the drain to keep any pieces from being lost down the drain. 

Check to make sure all pieces have been removed. TURN WATER ON SLOWLY. The aerator slows flow, so if you turn the water on full and the problem was the aerator, it will be blowing water out and make a mess. If the flow is better, then you’ve found your problem. Put your aerator back in or get a new one. Sometimes they fall apart or are damaged and not worth saving. Problem solved! 

Experienced technicians know how much mechanical force can be exerted on fixtures and fittings prior to breakage. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or are not sure of what to do next, you should STOP and contact us so no irreversible damage is created. We are available for FREE PHONE ADVICE.
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